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 This form is for individual candidates who wish to register privately.

Please Note:
Exam Level: The dropdown list in this box shows the exams offered.
Region: The dropdown list in this box shows the regions where you can take an exam. Not every exam is offered in every region!
Date: The dropdown list in this box shows the different dates available.

To find the exam of your choice, please do the following:
    1. Under Level, you can see the list of exams offered. .
    2. Select the Region of your choice from the dropdown list.
    3. Select the Date from the choice in the dropdown list.
    4. Repeat Steps 1 – 3 until you find the exam of your choice.
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I wish to be admitted to this examination. I am aware of and agree to comply with the regulations for this examination and the arrangements made by the Centre Exams Manager of the Bern Centre. I have told the Centre Exams Manager if I have special needs of any kind.

- Please note that registrations are only valid once proof of full payment together with copy of registered entry has been received.
- Sending this form will confirm that you have read and understood the Conditions and Regulations.

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I wish to choose a speaking test partner
  By default the Centre allocates speaking test partners. If you wish to choose your speaking test partner, you must specify a partner on registration. The chosen partner must have registered for the same exam level and exam written date, and for the same examination centre as you. The first person to register cannot select a partner but will receive a reference code. The second person enters this code in the box below. Once you have chosen a partner, no future changes are possible. The Centre cannot guarantee your choice of partner.
Partner Reference Code
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I confirm that the above information is correct. I have read and accepted the Conditions and Regulations